VOL 1 – Origin Story by Danny Di Mauro

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You’d have to be asleep to underestimate the relevance of the Diner in the narrative of popular culture in the United States.

Thank G-d most of them are open for 24 hours, in case you cannot sleep, to service the diverse cross-section of people who enter their doors nationwide. 

Diners have quite a story to tell. If they could speak, they would tell you the story of American life in all of its grit and grandeur. Egalitarian in nature and an icon of convenience, these establishments have always been neutral territory and free of the trappings of society’s bourgeois eateries.

You never need a reservation; you don’t need to know the maître d' and you certainly don’t need a new outfit. It’s a place to go after a little league game, somewhere to take your sweetheart, a meeting spot to get a deal done. And if the movies tell us anything, you can even have your brains blown out (although we hope that doesn’t happen to you). The diner is ground zero for all that is, and all that will ever be American.




They all had to drive by her to get where they were trying to go. She knew they wanted to stop and get something to eat, charge their phones and have a rest, but she couldn’t do much about it. These people were from all walks of life– they were artists, brokers, plumbers, carpenters, heiresses, heirs, surfers, hedge fund managers, marketing directors, actors, directors, architects, playboys and fishermen. 

She wanted to open her doors to all, but she was all rundown with a few sad stories in her past. She was really depressed. Desperately in need of some love and cosmetic surgery so she could feel better about herself. She prayed to her fairy G-dmother who answered her prayers. She got the much needed facelift in 2019 and was restored to her once again glorious grandeur. She is handsomely appointed, with a new chef and new management, and she is waiting for you…